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 25 Jan - Feb1

 Tour Going 100%!

Tour full, only waitlist!


טיול יוצא דופן!  האי מלטה

+  פסיטבל מוסיקת בארוק

בלווי של אלכס הדרכה באנגלית

A very special tour of the Islands of Malta and the yearly Baroque festival. Valleta Baraoque Festival.

escorted by Alex and guided in English

 26 April 7 - May

 Tour Going 100%!

 Tour full, only waitlist!

 חדש!!  סרדיניה וקורסיקה

הדרכה באנגלית ובלווי אלכס  

 NEW!! Sardinia & Corsica

escorted by Alex  and guided in English


13-20 May


Tour Going 100%!

Tour full, only waitlist!

חדש!!  8 ימי טיול ספארי בטנזניה

עם אתי דיין הדרכה בעברית 

ובלווי של אלכס

+ אפשרות נופש בזנזיבר

 NEW !! Tanzania  plus Zanzibar option  

Guided in Hebrew by Eti Dayan & Escorted by Alex


 30 Oct 11 - Nov


Early registration has begun!

Escorted by Alex

  יפן בשלכת

הדרכה באנגלית  בלווי של אלכס

Japan in Autumn Colors

 escorted by Alex and guided in English

Including remote corners of Japan

Mid-Jan 2017


Early registration has begun!



 טיול יוצא דופן!  האי מלטה +

 פסיטבל מוסיקת בארוק

בלווי של אלכס הדרכה באנגלית

A very special tour of the Islands of Malta and the yearly Baroque festival. Valleta Baraoque Festival.

escorted by Alex and guided in English

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Georgia and Armenia with Alex Veit

operated by Shartours Travel Tourist Service Ltd - Ministry of Tourism License # 261.

June 26 - July 7 , 2005

 This will be our fourth tour that we have organized to the region since 1998……

 June 26: Tel-Aviv-Tblisi.

June 27: Arrival in Tbilisi. Tbilisi: Arrive Tbilisi . Meet at the airport. Transfer to hotel. For rest . Morning start full-day city tour of Tbilisi with visits to the Old Town, Metekhi Temple, 12th c., the Abanotubani, the area famous for the sulfur baths with Asian style buildings, and 19th century Georgian houses. We will visit the citadel of Narikala, main fortress of Tbilisi, where from we have panoramic views of the city.  We visit the Sioni Cathedral 11th c. the Synagogue, Visit Georgian State Museum and also Georgian Fine Arts Museum, where the masterpieces of Georgian art are kept. Visit Rustaveli Avenue, the main street of Tbilisi. Overnight:  Hotel  (First class).

June 28: Tbilisi - Mtskheta – Gudauri: After breakfast drive to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia. Scientists date the town back to the 2nd millennium B.C.  Mtskheta was the capital of Georgian Kingdom of Iberia during 500BC - 500AD. Here Georgians accepted Christianity in the beginning of 4th century.  The town and its architectural monuments are included in the World's Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Visit Jvari Monastery (6th c.) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th c.).  Continue alonf Georgian Military Highway. On the way visit Ananuri Architectural complex (16th - 17th cc). Drive up to Gudauri resort situated on the south slopes of Caucasian Main Range. Overnight: Hotel-  2 nights  (First Class)

June 29: Gudauri - Kazbegi – Gudauri: Drive over Jvari pass (2395m) down to Kazbegi (1700m).  Kazbegi is a small settlement surrounded by high Caucasian mountains, among which the most impressive and famous summit is Kazbek (5047m). Walk to Gergeti Church (1 hour hike), beautifully situated on the hill (2100m) where from we have amazing views. Walk down to Kazbegi.  Drive to Dariali Canyon leading to the border with Russia. Arrive Gudauri.

June 30: Gudauri - Gori - Uplistsikhe – Kutaisi: Drive again along Georgian Military Highway and turn to the west to Gori, a historical town. Today the town is mainly known for its huge Fortress and as a birthplace of J. Stalin. We’ll visit Stalin’s museum. Then we cross the city to view the central square of the town, where a big monument of Stalin still commands the area. Drive to Uplistsikhe cave town dated to 7th c. BC. Here we find a big hall for pagan rituals and some living rooms as well as a church of the 9th century. From Uplistsikhe drive to Kutaisi. Dinner and overnight in Kutaisi at private houses with local families. (2 nights)

July 1: Kutaisi: Kutaisi, dated back to the Argonauts times (13th -12th cc. B.C), was the capital of old Colchida and later of Western Georgia. Visit Bagrati cathedral (11th c,) and Gelati monastery, it was founded in the 12th century by the most famous Georgian King David the Builder (1073 – 1125). Here he founded an academy and monastery, which became the foremost centre of education in Georgia. The unique murals of saints and Georgian monarchs are inside the main Virgin Cathedral. These sites are also included in the World's Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Visit also Motsameta Church. Visit the Synagogue and if possible meet people from Jewish community living in Kutaisi. 

July 2: Kutaisi – Tbilisi: Drive from Kutaisi to Tbilisi. On the way visit Ubisa Church known for its unique frescos. Arrive Tbilisi. Complete city tour of Tbilisi.  Overnight:  Hotel  (First class).

July 3: Sadakhlo (Georgian-Armenian border)  Haghpat - Sanahin – Yerevan: Transfer to the Sadakhlo border (Georgian and Armenian border). En route tour to the 10th-13th centuries Haghpat and Sanahin historical and architectural monuments set amidst forest-clad hills close to the town of Alaverdi (178 kilometers from Yerevan). The monuments are preserved by UNESCO and included in the World Heritage List. Overnight Hotel (3 nights)  (First class).

July 4:  Khor Virap – Noravank - Vayots Dzor -  Eghegis Jewish Cemetry: Full day excursion south to Khor Virap, one of the romantically sited monasteries in Armenia with views across a bast plain to Turkey and the twin peaks of Mount Ararat. Here, in the atmosphere of historical environment and vivid imagination you will notice the Noah’s Ark in the snows of Ararat. Humankind was reborn here, and Noah is considered to be the first tourist in the world.  Continue to the 12th century monastery complex of Noravank set in a canyon rich with rare flora and continue to Vayots Dzor to Eghegis Jewish Cemetry.  Return to Yerevan.

July 5: Echmiadzin - Tour in Yerevan -  Garni -  Geghard: Tour to Echmiadzin – the holy seat of the Supreme Patriarch-Catholicos of all Armenians. Visit St. Hripsime Church (7th century). Back to Yerevan for the tour around the city. Visit the Memorial complex to the Genocide Victims, and the Museum of the Medieval Manuscripts - Matenadaran. Drive through the picturesque Avan Canyon to the pagan Garni architectural complex of the 1st century and then to the cave monastery of Geghard (12th – 13th centuries). Back to Yerevan, and wander in the center of the city around the singing fountains in the Republican Square.

 July 6: Noraduz - Lake Sevan - Haghartsin - Sadakhlo -  Tbilisi: Start with Noraduz then drive north to Lake Sevan - the emerald of Armenia, with a visit to the 9th century Sevan Monastery. Here you can have a good time on the sunny and sandy beach of the lake, and also swim (weather permitting) in the fresh-water of Sevan. The tour will continue on to the beautiful mountainous and forested region of Dilijan, and then on to the magnificent complex of the Haghartsin Monastery (11th century). At the end drive to Sadakhlo border. Meet Georgian guide. Change transport. Drive to Tbilisi. Arrive Tbilisi.  Overnight:  Hotel  (First class).

July 7:  Departure.  Tblisi-Tel-Aviv: Early morning transfer to the airport .

 Please note: The order of the daily program might change according to the  flights. Also you must note that changes might be made to the program, as traveling in this region is not the same as traveling at home. The level of service is some what lower than we are used to and a lot of patience is called for.

* Please note: Tour is planned to cater both Israeli and English speaking clientele. Tours are guided in English, by specially chosen local guides - Alex does not translate what is said in to Hebrew.  How ever Alex will be bilingual, when it comes to his explanations which deal mainly with administrative aspects of the tour. 

 Prices Per person in double room is all inclusive: Registration fee, visas, tips, flights, hotels as per program , 10 breakfasts,  6 light lunches and 10 dinners( see full details below) :

For a group over 16 pax: $2300   

 Single supplement: $375

 Group 12-15 pax additional cost of $200


Tour includes:  - Registration /cancellation fee: $47. 

- All tipping to guides, drivers, & hotel staff abroad: $55.

- All visas according to program: Georgia $45 (2 entries)  , Armenia $50 .

- Flight to and from Tel-Aviv- Tbilisi via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines -  Group ticket, incl. 20 Kg baggage.

- All airport, security taxes and oil surcharges as as of :February 24, 2005:  $74.   

- All hotels are First Class as mentioned in the program or similar.

- Private Family homes in Kutaisi  (2 nights)  are very clean and hospitable,  you share bath rooms with family. The group will dispersed among different families that invited tourists before to their homes, it's real interesting experience..

- 10 Breakfasts, 6 Light Lunches and 10 Dinners -  Air-conditioned coach transportation as per itinerary.  

-  All entrance fees as mentioned in the itinerary. 

-  Escort Alex Veit , who will be *escorting the tour.

-  Guiding by specially chosen local guides who guide in English. * Please note: Tour is planned to cater both Israeli and English speaking clientele. Tours are guided in English, by specially chosen local guides - Alex does not translate what is said in to Hebrew.  How ever Alex will be bilingual, when it comes to his explanations which deal mainly with administrative aspects of the tour. 

Please check with your local health authority, what types of vaccinations are required such as:, Hepatitis B and A and any other requirements.  

For full details of the program please ask us...



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