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Updated: 21.11.2015

Dates for  2016

יעדים                               Destinations

 25 Jan - Feb1

 Tour Going 100%!

Tour full, only waitlist!


טיול יוצא דופן!  האי מלטה

+  פסיטבל מוסיקת בארוק

בלווי של אלכס הדרכה באנגלית

A very special tour of the Islands of Malta and the yearly Baroque festival. Valleta Baraoque Festival.

escorted by Alex and guided in English

 26 April 7 - May

 Tour Going 100%!

 Tour full, only waitlist!

 חדש!!  סרדיניה וקורסיקה

הדרכה באנגלית ובלווי אלכס  

 NEW!! Sardinia & Corsica

escorted by Alex  and guided in English


13-20 May


Tour Going 100%!

Tour full, only waitlist!

חדש!!  8 ימי טיול ספארי בטנזניה

עם אתי דיין הדרכה בעברית 

ובלווי של אלכס

+ אפשרות נופש בזנזיבר

 NEW !! Tanzania  plus Zanzibar option  

Guided in Hebrew by Eti Dayan & Escorted by Alex


 30 Oct 11 - Nov


Early registration has begun!

Escorted by Alex

  יפן בשלכת

הדרכה באנגלית  בלווי של אלכס

Japan in Autumn Colors

 escorted by Alex and guided in English

Including remote corners of Japan

Mid-Jan 2017


Early registration has begun!



 טיול יוצא דופן!  האי מלטה +

 פסיטבל מוסיקת בארוק

בלווי של אלכס הדרכה באנגלית

A very special tour of the Islands of Malta and the yearly Baroque festival. Valleta Baraoque Festival.

escorted by Alex and guided in English

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"The Silk Road'' -  Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan  escorted by Alex

 Alex Veit Tours Around the World.

8-18 October 2008

Friday -   Flight from Tel-Aviv via Istanbul to Ashghabat, Turkmenistan. 

 Saturday &-Sunday:  Sight seeing in Ashghabat, Turkmenistan

Arrive early Saturday morning and transfer to hotel. Rest and breakfast and then:

Full city tour of the capitol of Turkmenistan, including the National Museum . Visit the Hippodrome where the famous Akhal Teke horses are bred. The same horse rode by Alexander the Great. This horse is known by the Chinese as the "Heavenly Horse" and is regarded as the most thorough bred in the world, and attend the popular horse races (when races are on). Visit and spend time shopping at the amazing Tolkuchks Bazaar, "Sunday Market". Known as one of the biggest and colorful in Central Asia. Thousands of women converge on the market dressed in the colors of the "rainbow". The women sell, silver jewellery, Turkmen carpets, embroided material, silk scarves from Persia and good luck charms against evil spirits. Along side the men sell, furs, goats, camels and spare parts for cars from the 1900. Explore Tel Nisa founded as the capitol of the Parthian kingdom and more .

 Monday:  Konya Urgentz - Uzbekistan

Flight to Tashauz located in Northern Turkmenistan. Drive to Kunya Urgench. A special intriguing day excursion to Kunya Urgench the killing fields of the Mongolís Genghis Khan. We shall see the unique Turabeg Khanum Mausoleum built in 1370 in honor of the Princess Turabeg. Next, the 62 meter high Kutlug Timur Minaret tallest in Central Asia. We will climb the holy Forty Mullah's Hill and more. Drive across the border in to Uzbekistan to Khiva for over night. We sleep for two nights at a traditional guest- house located with in the ancient walls of the old city.

 Tuesday:  Khiva

Explore the ancient town of Khiva. Khiva is the most intact and most remote of the Central Asia  Silk Road cities. One time capitol of the khanate of Khorezm, located between the two deserts of Kara Kum - Black Sands - and Kyzyl Kum - Red Sands -. We will explore its Madrassahs, mosques and palaces by day light and by moon light. 

 Wednesday & Thursday:  Bukhara.

Wednesday morning if available  domestic  flight to Bukhara at an extra cost. Bukhara "the Holy, the Noble, the Dome of Islam, one of the most interesting cities in the  world". We will spend a few days exploring its very impressive sights within and out side the old city. We shall also visit the Jewish Quarter. Jews were always an important minority in Bukhara and Uzbekistan.

Two over-nights in Bukhara.

 Friday & Saturday:  Samarkand.

Samarkand "the Mirror of the world, the Garden of the Soul, the Jewel of Islam". We will see the Registan Square which is among the greatest of all the grandiose and magnificent works of the Islamic world. We shall visit its museums, Madrassahs, mosques and Shah-i-Zinda Holiest sight in Samarkand - the Necropolis of mausoleums. Early one morning we will go out to meet the women arriving at the market/bazaar with fresh cheese, butter and walk around the market  tasting and smelling the exotic spices and fruits. Two over-nights in Samarkand.

 Sunday:  Urgut "Sunday Market" - Tashkent

Drive south to Urgut, the most fascinating market in Uzbekistan, and explore some of the villages.  Drive to Tashkent. Tour the modern capital of Uzbekistan, rebuilt after the 1966 earthquake that devastated the city. To day a city standing midst a forest of millions of trees, a "botanical garden". Our short tour will include what is considered to be the most decorative metro system in the world and more.  Farewell dinner. Over- night in Tashkent.

Monday:  Early morning flight back via Istanbul to Tel-Aviv

 Per person in double room is all inclusive for group  20-26 pax: $2720 (as of 01.01.2010)

 *Single supplement:   $225

Group 16-19 pax additional cost of $150

Includes: Half board, International flights, 1 domestic flight, hotels (10 nights) as per following page, "Alex  Surprises" 

  Tips to Staff: $55.

 Visas: Uzbekistan: $50  &  Turkmenistan : $95 (Diplomats are exempt). 

Registration up until 10 August  2010, after this date, confirmation only with arrival of Visa invitation  from Turkmenistan.


Tour also includes:

- All tipping to Guides, drivers, & hotel staff: $55

-  Visas to Uzbekistan: $50  & Turkmenistan: $95 - Diplomats are normally exempt of visa charges!!

-  Flight  Tel-Aviv-Istanbul-Ashghabat & Tashkent-Istanbul-Tel-Aviv, incl. 20 Kgs  baggage incl air port tax and oil hikes as of 12 Aug 2008  Air fare : $900   Final  Air Fare  only on day of issue of the tickets and will include any increases in oil surcharges and taxes.

-  Domestic flights: Ashgabat-Dashauz in Turkmenistan incl. 20 Kgs baggage.

- Domestic flight Urgentz -Bukhara in Uzbekistan,if available at an extra cost. for details contact office.

    Ashghabat: 3 nights:   - First Class.

.   Khiva:  2 nights       Traditional guest- house. - Very Basic but fun!

    Bukhara: 2 nights:  First Class.   

    Samarkand: 2 nights:  First Class.

    Tashkent: 1 night:  First Class

-  Breakfast and dinner daily.  -  Luxury coach transportation as per itinerary. -  Escort *Alex Veit 

-  Guiding by specially chosen Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan guides who guide in English.

-  All entrance fees as mentioned in the itinerary.

* Please note: Tour is planned to cater both Israeli and English speaking clientele. Tours are guided in English by  specially chosen local guides - Alex  does  not translate what is said in to Hebrew. - How ever, Alex will be bilingual,  when it comes to his explanations which deal mainly with administrative aspects of the tour. 

For all correspondence,  requests for full detailed programs including terms, cancellation policy,  prices and registrations,  please contact:  also please look at: Terms & Conditions

For photos from former tours press here:    "Silk Road"

Photos from the last April 2007 tour, taken by Talma Levy:




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